Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Gannon Saga and Hypocrisy

We must admit to largely ignoring the Jeff Gannon "story." For one thing the Eason Jordan affair was unfolding at the same time, which was (and still is) far more significant and interesting. Moreover, we just have a hard time seeing anything about the precipitating events of "Gannongate" to get worked up about. In fact the real story is the way those events have been blown so ludicrously out of proportion. The key elements of the story, if you can call it that, have already been well-dissected by Hindrocket. What's really needed now is a thorough dissection of those pushing the story, and who better for that role than Ann Coulter?

Ann Coulter: Republicans, bloggers and gays, oh my!:
"Liberals keep telling us the media isn't liberal, but in order to retaliate for the decimation of major news organizations like the New York Times, CBS News and CNN, all they can do is produce the scalp of an obscure writer for an unknown conservative Web page. And unlike Raines, Rather and Jordan, they can't even get Gannon for incompetence on the job. (Also unlike Raines, Rather and Jordan, Gannon has appeared on television and given a series of creditable interviews in his own defense, proving our gays are more macho than their straights.)"
Read the whole thing, but put down your drink first.

There's a huge load of hypocrisy in the Loony Left seizing on the gay connection as the lever to bring Gannon down. Isn't that supposed to be the tactic of the Wing Nuts of the right, not those fighting the good fight against the Evil GWB and KKKarl? Not any more.

The new rule is "Gay-Bashing in the Service of Virtue Is No Vice," just as racist speech and cartoons directed against Condi Rice and Colin Powell are fair game. Anything that works; the ends justify the means. Got to keep those gays and blacks on the Political Plantation. These are the core principles of modern liberalism.

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