Saturday, March 19, 2005

14 year old Nebraska Genius Commits Suicide

Fellow Great Plains blogger, ptg, writes about the tragic suicide of a 14 year old Nebraska genius, Brandenn Bremmer. The Lincoln Journal Star has an extensive article and links to previous articles about Brandenn in happier times.

Brandenn could read when he was 2. He was homeschooled and completed a high school degree at age 10, the youngest graduate in the program's history. Since then he has been taking college classes, particularly in music.

This is a parent's worst nightmare, and our heart and prayers go out to the Bremmer family. They have already donated Brandenn's organs to help others.

UPDATE: Plains Feeder found a "progressive" blogger who thinks it's funny to suggest Brandenn killed himself because his parents are (hypothetically) Republicans.
UPDATE2: Fixed link to Lincoln Journal Star articles.
UPDATE3: Here's a link to the Bremmer family web site.

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