Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Torture and Abu Ghraib

Here's a great piece from the Mudville Gazette, "the on-line voice of an American warrior."
"Abu Ghraib is but a stone's throw from where I now type these words, and it's ugliness is more than skin deep. It's a very real place, and an undesirable home to criminals and those whose duty it is to guard them. But to many it's an abstract image, a debate point to be used against opponents like garlic to frighten vampires, a boogy man to frighten children. They inject that ward into any writing they do on certain topics in an attempt to frame the discussion around what is unquestionably now the immediate mind's eye association most people in the world make with the word "torture" - the horrendous photos from the notorious prison."
Contrary to what you might think, this is not a defense of "torture." It includes a 10 question quiz on the facts surrounding the now famous incidents of prisoner abuse by Americans, followed by the correct answers.

We can just about guarantee you will learn something by taking this test. We did.

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