Saturday, April 23, 2005

Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Bacon Brothers - Getting There
You may remember Kevin Bacon from such movie classics as "Animal House" and "Pyrates." Or perhaps you have played the movie trivia game, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

However, you may not be aware that Kevin and his brother, Michael, have a musical career as well. Oddly enough, they call themselves The Bacon Brothers. You might also be as surprised as we were to find they are really good muscians. iTunes categorizes them as Rock, but there is a definite Country flavor to their music as well.

Here are some of the lyrics from our favorite song on this album, "T.M.I.," by Kevin and Michael Bacon:
She woke me up late last night
She said something don't feel right
I think it would be best for me
To get this off my chest you see
Way back in eighty-two
Around the time I first met you
He didn't even mean a thing
A silly fling
And she said
I'm not attracted to those muscle-bound guys
And she said I prefer a man who's more your size
And he had a swollen wallet and a swollen head
There's more to life than being good in bed

Too Much Information
No I was not aware
Too Much Information
What makes you think I care
I could have made it through this day
Feeling perfectly O.K.
Having never heard a single word
That you just chose to say
Too Much Information
You don't get the tune, of course, but take it from us, it's catchy.

UPDATE: Added link to Amazon for the album, since the cover art (and bandwidth) is from them.

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