Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Kofi, Tea or Mouselli?

The Wall Street Journal's Claudia Rosett deserves a Pulitzer for her dogged pursuit of the vast, crimnal enterprise known as the Oil for Food Program. She got precious little help from the rest of the MSM, with the exception of Fox News.

In the blogosphere Roger L. Simon has also done his part to keep attention focused on the scandal, including breaking significant parts of the story himself. Today he talks about some of the ongoing fallout from revelations (and what was not said) in the latest episode of the Volcker Commision's report:
"Notably missing from today's London Times story on the interim report is any mention of the September/October 2002 contacts between Kojo's former business partner Pierre Mouselli and the Iraqis. According to Mouselli, Saddam's people (then on the brink of being invaded) suddenly invited the businessman to lunch at their embassy in Abuja, Nigeria. They told him they were extremely interested in locating Kojo Annan for (unspecified) reasons. They said Kojo owed them for (unspecified) favors previously done him and they needed then to speak with Secretary General's son as soon as possible. They offered Mouselli a visa to Iraq to discuss this with them further."
Simon has been speaking with Mouselli and his attorney about the affair, so he provides some insight into the action behind the scenes in the investigation. A number of other, significant articles about the scandal are available from the main page of Simon's blog.

Annan's defense against corruption charges amounts to a plea of gross incompetence and/or negligence. The lunch meeting with Kofi and Kojo described by Mouselli makes even that defense look shakier and shakier.

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