Saturday, May 07, 2005

Protest Warrior

Protest Warrior Sign
We've taken quite a few shots at the Democrats, so in a bid to offend everyone, we offer this sign from the Protest Warrior site. The group "joins" moonbat demonstrations with its members carrying signs that appear to be standard, leftwing loony fare, until you look closer. For example, one sign we love says:

Except for ending Slavery, Facsim, Nazism and Communism
War Has Never Solved Anything

On at least one occasion Time Magazine was fooled into thinking they were authentic moonbats, protesting against Ann Coulter. Time failed to notice that the "organization" listed on the supposedly anti-Coulter sign is "Communists for Kerry."

So if there's a protest forming near you, why not pop on over to Protest Warrior and see if you can get into a counter demonstration with them. After all those people carrying the sign saying "Give Communism a Chance" really need someone to bring them back to earth.

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