Sunday, May 15, 2005

Wildcard in Judicial Nomination Showdown?

With a showdown looming this week on a vote for the appellate court nominees, last week's appellate court reversal of ban on same sex marriage in Nebraska just might tip the scales in favor of bringing the nominees to a vote. The controversial ruling has definitely turned up the heat on Senators Hagel and Nelson on the judicial confirmation issue.

Nebraska Senator Hagel (R) has been wavering on the tough action needed to break the minority's attempt to veto judicial nominees. He has sent a statement to the Lincoln Journal Star expressing hope the ruling will be overturned.

Nebraska Senator Nelson (D) has been trying to work out a compromise with both sides. How he would vote on a cloture motion and/or the constitutional option remains unclear. Confirm Them reports the ranks of the swing voters include Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas.

Perhaps this case will prove decisive in the Senate confirmation battle.

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