Thursday, June 30, 2005

NRO, Hagel and MoveOn

No, it wasn't a landshark attack. Chuck Hagel chewed off his own foot. Eric Pfeiffer on MoveOn & Chuck Hagel on National Review Online:
"So, who is at fault? On one hand, MoveOn has created another offensive advertisement that insults U.S. soldiers fighting the insurgency and assisting in Iraq's reconstruction. It's another slap in the face from a group that got its start defending former President Clinton's infidelity and who called for 'restraint' after the attacks of 9/11.

On the other hand, MoveOn does not put words in Hagel's mouth. The words they cite are in fact his. Hagel's rhetoric has been so strong, that even his self-described 'good friend' John McCain was critical when asked to respond to Hagel's comments while appearing on CNN's Larry King Live. McCain told guest host Bob Costas: 'I completely disagree. There are signs of progress. Yes, it's tough, and it's hard, and we've made mistakes and we paid a heavy price for those mistakes. Unfortunately, in wars, serious mistakes are made -- And there is a legitimacy to the Iraqi government that, frankly, the government of South Vietnam never had.'"
We're no great fan of McCain, but Sen. Hagel manages to make him look pretty good here.

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