Friday, June 03, 2005

Supreme Exorcism

But wouldn't that violate the separation of church and state?
OpinionJournal - Taste: "In January, M. Scott Peck, the author of the personal-growth blockbuster 'The Road Less Traveled' (1977), published what he has said will be his last book, 'Glimpses of the Devil.' It describes his role in two exorcisms. Like Malachi Martin's 'Hostage to the Devil,' which became a best seller following the box-office success of 'The Exorcist,' Mr. Peck's new book uses pseudonyms to hide identities.

Yet in promoting 'Glimpses of the Devil,' Mr. Peck has not shied away from naming names. 'I think that the group of people around Hitler was probably likely a possessed group,' he told Then came the humdinger: 'I have wondered specifically about the Supreme Court in the case of Bush v. Gore where, astonishingly, I believe that the majority--five out of nine justices--were engaged in an evil act. And I wonder how that could happen without Satan hanging around.' Astonishingly, indeed. (Imagine the gnashing of teeth if Tom DeLay were to say that the Supreme Court needs a house blessing.)"
Better send in the bunnies.

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