Friday, July 29, 2005

His Own Man

The Lincoln Journal Star on Thursday had a positively glowing tribute to Sen. Chuck Hagel:
"Even if it [stream of critical letters to the editor] represents the newest indicator that Hagel's candor and independence may have negative political consequences. 'I'm sure I'm doing political damage to myself with members of my own party,' Hagel said in a telephone interview last week. 'If I was calculating my political future, I would be doing things differently.'"
The full impact of the print edition doesn't come through in the web version. It's at the top of the front page, spanning 5 of the 6 columns. The headline screams in inch-high letters: "His Own Man." There's a 6" x 7 1/2" close up photo of the Senator's face with a furrowed brow and an earnest expression. One almost expects to read soon of a plan to carve the Senator's face into Chimney Rock.

For all that fawning there is some good information in the article about Hagel's record, which is more conservative than one might think from the Iraq issue alone.

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