Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Frog vs. Frog

We've previously stated that some of our best friends are frogs. This includes Mrs. Abe, who hails from the southwestern French province of Gironde. Now an ecological problem in the region is pitting frog against frog, as reported in Independent Online Edition:
"Hunters working for the government's wildlife agency will be stalking ponds in south-west France this weekend, aimed with flash-lights, rifles, silencers and night-vision sights.

They have been mobilised for the most intensive effort so far to terminate a plague of giant Californian bullfrogs which is threatening to disrupt the ecology of the Gironde, Dordogne and several other d├ępartements.

The aggressive and voracious bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana), introduced illegally 37 years ago, can grow to more than 4lbs in weight and almost 2ft long. It consumes other frogs, fish, lizards and even small birds."
The love of the French for frog legs is well-known, but unfortunately these frog legs are reportedly inedible. Some might argue that's true of frog legs in general. However, we do like them better than chicken feet.

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