Sunday, September 11, 2005


Here's a younger, thinner Abe from 1983 in front of the World Trade Center (from Battery Park, I believe). What amazing human ingenuity it took to design and build those masterful towers. What a paean to what man can accomplish when his creativity is unleashed by freedom and capitalism.

Those who destroyed the towers could never have built them. Their ilk could not even have created the technologies they used to destroy the accomplishments of their betters. A society based on their ideas is a prison colony, devoid of progress, denying any learning not approved by the tiny minds who would rule them.

For 15 yrs I lived and worked within 50 miles of NYC. I haven't been back to Manhattan since 9/11/01; it's a long way from Lincoln.


Here I'm with Mrs. Abe, Tycho, and Viper in 1995 on the Staten Island Ferry.

Update 9/14: According to Mrs. Abe, and she's never wrong, the 1995 pictures were not taken on the Staten Island Ferry, but rather the ferry between Battery Park and Statue of Liberty Island.

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