Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ramadan Offensive in US?

Is there an attempt to "celebrate" the start of Ramadan with a wave of terrorist attacks in the US homeland?
Tapscott's Copy Desk: "First, Joel Henry Hinrichs blows up himself Oct. 1 just outside of the Oklahoma Memorial Stadium and the 84,000 fans watching the Sooners play the Kansas State Wildcats. Packed football stadiums are prime targets for terrorists.

Second, first fasting day of Ramadan is Oct. 5. Anti-terrorist experts and indeed millions of Muslims around the world fear potential terrorist attacks designed 'to make a statement' during the most significant holiday on the Muslim calender.

Third, a credible threat to place 19 briefcase bombs in the New York City subway system is uncovered and apparently foiled."
Tapscott's blog is an excellent source for information on the bombing at the OU vs. KSU game that killed only the bomber. There hasn't been much play on this in the national media, but the local media in Oklahoma, as well as the blogosphere, are on the story. Ryne has a rundown on things, as does Michelle Malkin. Zombie has a satellite photo of the scene and a bunch of good links.

As Ryne asks, who builds a bomb just to blow themselves up? It seems self-evident that this was a failed (or aborted) terrorist action. The only real question is: Was he acting alone or were others involved? And, if it's the latter, there are followup questions.

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