Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Where Are the Snowdens of Yesteryear*

Roger Snowden is another Nebraskan with a very interesting blog, he calls Non-Box Thinking. Go on over and check it out. He recently poked a hole in Bill O'Reilly in Blowing Harder Than Rita and Katrina:
"Now, the target of his [O'Reilly's] demagoguery is Big Oil. The current witch-hunt is to find the imaginary individual who secretly controls gasoline prices. He wants to know who decides what price gas stations charge each day for product. At the same time, he attacks the five major oil companies for making enormous profits.I guess profits are bad, for some reason. Personally, I prefer to do business with companies that are profitable, especially when continuing supply is important. If you are losing money, or are otherwise financially weak, you may not be around long. But Bill thinks oil companies ought to 'give back' some large percentage of their profits, for seemingly altruistic reasons."
We confess we do listen to O'Reilly on the drive home from work and that we usually find his show interesting. However, this oil-company-bashing kick he got on was quite irritating for exactly the reasons Roger lists in greater detail in the full post. While O'Reilly claimed he was not urging or justifying government actions against the oil producers, that's where the path he was demagoging ultimately leads.

*Just can't resist a Catch-22 reference.

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