Friday, November 11, 2005

Still in Stable Condition after One Year

Death fear said to hold back Arafat. You wouldn't think he'd be too worried about that these days. However, one of his "AIDS" reports that:
"Fear of assassination kept Yasser Arafat from accepting a US-brokered agreement on sharing Jerusalem, despite pleas by Arab and other world leaders at the time, the Palestinian leader's longtime bodyguard said in an interview."
A regular Brave Sir Robin. Just in case you thought he was afraid of the Israelis on that score:
"'Clinton was trying to convince him to agree to a deal on Jerusalem,' the bodyguard said. But, he recalled, Arafat asked the translator to tell Clinton that 'if he wants me to sign this deal, it means he wants to issue an open invitation to my funeral, because I will die at the hand of my own people.'"

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