Sunday, December 18, 2005

Danger: Success

The rabid anti-war left has lured the Democrats into painting themselves into a corner on Iraq. Since the 2004 campaign they have placed themselves in the position of profitting from and hoping for bad news. Now, even with the help of the major news media, it's getting harder and harder to conceal how well things are really going in Iraq. Mark Steyn calls them to task:
One day Iraq will be a G7 member hosting the Olympics in the world's No. 1 luxury vacation resort of Fallujah, and the Defeaticrat Party will still be running around screaming it's a quagmire. It's not just that Iraq is going better than expected, but that it's a huge success that's being very deftly managed: The timeframe imposed on the democratic process turns out to have worked very well -- the transfer of sovereignty, the vote on a constitutional assembly, the ratification of the constitution, the vote for a legislature -- and, with the benefit of hindsight, it now looks like an ingeniously constructed way to bring the various parties on board in the right order: first the Kurds, then the Shia, now the Sunni. That doesn't leave many folks over on the other side except Zarqawi and Dean. What do the two have in common? They're both foreigners, neither of whom have the slightest interest in the Iraqi people.
Or perhaps it was all a cleverly managed plot by Karl Rove to manuever the Democrats into supporting the wrong side? You'll want to read the entire Steyn article.

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