Saturday, April 01, 2006

Kiss of Death

Both of the teams we wanted to win in the NCAA tournament lost tonight. We're taking bids from UCLA and UF fans who want us to endorse their opponent for the finals.

Is is just us, or were you also annoyed at the continual references by one announcer as to how "long" the Florida players are. It seemed an attempt to be excessively cute that began to grate the second time he said it. The nadir was when he said one player had a "long wingspan." Each of those cliches is irritating enough in its own right without combining them. And how could a "wingspan" be "long" instead of "wide?" Do birds or planes fly sideways? Grrrr.

We did get a laugh out of the commercial with the rodeo bronco-busting scene with the "Big Bucking Chicken."

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