Saturday, November 01, 2008

Senator Stealth

While much of the media has been studiously ignoring Barack Obama's past outside of his two autobiographies, Stanley Kurtz of the National Review has methodically examined the record. Kurtz has documented Obama's days as a "community organizer," Obama's funding of radical leftwing causes through Bill Ayers' Chicago Annenberg Challenge and the Woods Foundation, Obama's membership in the socialistic New Party, and the stealthy redistributionism of the the Gamaliel Foundation. The article on the latter has just been updated online:
Senator Stealth by Stanley Kurtz on National Review Online: "Beyond its revelation that Obama’s original community organizer home-base is pervaded by anti-Americanism, “Senator Stealth” foreshadows today’s debates over redistributionism, and shows that concerns over Obama’s radical “associations” cannot be separated from the most significant policy disputes of the campaign.

“Senator Stealth” also lays out a way of resolving the contradiction between Obama’s radical past and his apparently moderate present. After learning that incrementalism, rhetorical disguise, and ideological stealth are second nature to Obama’s community organizer compatriots, it’s tougher to take his current self-presentation at face value. More than two months later, the same issues play out in the latest flap over Obama’s ties to the NEW PARTY.

Finally, I couldn’t have guessed, more than two months ago, that the Obama campaign, abetted by the press, would have taken refuge in near-total denial of his unsavory associations, from the question of his New Party membership, to the relationship to Bill Ayers, to the links to ACORN. Obama has downplayed or denied these many ties to an extent that is shockingly at odds with the public record, while the press has played along."
Many people now accept Obama's pose as a moderate at face value and Hope, if elected, his Change will be moderate. Kurtz's research shows that posing as a moderate is an explicit part of the radical organizations and individuals that Obama has allied himself with during his rise to political power. Hoping for Change in Obama on that score is a long shot gamble that he is something other than what he has been throughout his adult life.

Read the rest of Senator Stealth and the entire Kurtz archive. You can't say we weren't warned.

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