Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hezbollah Rents "Lebanese" Demonstrators

The Hezbollah rally in favor of Syrian occupation pulled in some impressive numbers. Does that mean many of the Lebanese want the Syrians there? In an article on WorldNetDaily (via Jihad Watch) former Lebanese Prime Minister Michel Aoun says no:
"'Yesterday's huge protest calling for Syria to stay made it look to the world like a large segment of the Lebanese population actually wants to live under Syrian occupation,' said Aoun, speaking to WND from Paris. 'But the protest wasn't what it appeared to be. It was an elaborately staged affair.'"
The crowd was estimated at up to half a million, but Aoun says...
"'This was not a Lebanese showing, and many of those who actually were Lebanese were not there because they support Syria. We know that at least three Palestinian camps were present. And there are 700,000 Syrian workers inside Lebanon, many of whom are not even supposed to be there. They were urged by Syria to attend so it looks like many Lebanese are protesting. Plus Syria bused in their own citizens from Syria through the border into Lebanon to join the rally.'"
"'In all, it was a real multinational rally,' joked Aoun. 'Even watching protestors being interviewed, you hear they had Palestinian and Syrian accents. This was not the Lebanese people expressing their will.'

Aoun compared yesterday's rally to the opposition events held almost daily.

'Yesterday was not a spontaneous outpouring; it was planned and orchestrated,' he said. 'You see in the opposition rallies that they happen every day. People are going because they want to, and they are going regularly.'"

From Cox & Forkum.

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