Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Another Bombing for Life

What can you say about Eric Robert Rudolph, who admits to having murdered innocent people out of his perverted notion of Christian faith. A "pro-life murder?" We must have missed the part in the Bible where Jesus tells his followers to set bombs in abortion clinics, gay nightclubs, and the Olympic Games. This guy is lower than the slime on the ocean floor.

Rudolf claims to be a Catholic, but that claim is absurd and obscene. His "faith" is nothing more than a license for him to do what he wants: kill people so he can gain attention. He insults all Christians by claiming to be one.

By pleading guilty to double murder, he escapes the death penalty, unfortunately. We can only hope that he spends the rest of his life rotting behind bars, forgotten like yesterday's garbage. If he ever gets out of prison it will be too soon.
The New York Times: "ATLANTA, April 13 - Declaring himself 'bloodied but emphatically unbowed,' Eric Robert Rudolph on Wednesday issued his first public explanation for a series of abortion clinic bombings and an attack at the 1996 Olympics, gloating that his plea deal with prosecutors 'deprived the government of its goal of sentencing me to death.'

In the 11-page statement, devoid of remorse but rife with anti-abortion and antigay language, Mr. Rudolph said he had originally intended to bomb the Olympics every day to 'confound, anger and embarrass' the government for legalizing abortion, but was foiled by his own poor planning."

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