Saturday, April 16, 2005

Comedian Ron White Endangers Thousands

Lincoln Journal Star Online: "Lincoln police will issue ticket for comedian's on-stage cigar - By The Associated Press - The company that manages the city's Pershing Center will be cited by police after comedian Ron White violated the city's smoking ban during a performance last week. Police Chief Tom Casady said SMG of Philadelphia will get a $100 ticket.

'The law says you can't allow smoking,' Casady said Cigars, scotch and Texas-tough talk are part of White's act. During the performance at the Pershing Center, a fan shouted out, asking what it was costing him to smoke the cigar at the center. 'Nothin',' White replied. 'I said if I can't smoke, I ain't comin.''

Casady said White will not be ticketed because 'he's long gone.'"
Well, we can all breathe easier knowing that comedians who smoke as part of their acts will be subject to the full force of Lincoln's Nanny State. Of course, this action comes too late to protect the 8,000 patrons in the audience, each of whom received an estimated 17 molecules of tobacco smoke. The horror! What of these poor innocents and their families? Is there a lawyer in the house?
"The title of White's tour, 'Drunk in Public,' refers to his being charged with public drunkenness after being booted from a bar."
At least Lincoln may have provided White with some new material. He can call his next tour "Smokin' in Public."

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