Sunday, April 17, 2005

We Take It for Granted...

A peaceful transfer of power after an election is just expected for us. As bitter as the last two presidential elections were, no one but the crazies ever expected that Clinton or Bush would refuse to step down when the people had spoken. After all, that's what always happens.

Sadly, this is not the way it works in much of the world. Mahmood of Bahrain reminds us of just how special the Iraqi election is in the Middle East:
Mahmood's Den :: Moving goal posts...: "One of my favourite bloggers, Benkerishan [arabic] touched upon a point that amply demonstrates how the goal posts have shifted with the result of the Iraqi elections: the incumbant president became a vice president, and no blood flowed in the process!

I agree with Benkerishan, this is unbelievable in 'our' democracies: he argues that Al-Yawer should have killed all of his opponents or at least discredited them, put his tribesemen in positions of power so that they encircle and protect him, start steeling left right and centre, and citizens be damned. It is the Arab way which has been inherited for one and a half thousand years.

Therefore, I am immensely pleaseed to have lived long enough to witness such an event in my own lifetime, and I wish my Iraqi brothers and sisters the best of luck... they are leading the way to what we only hope to have a taste of: real democracy."
Anybody think this might change some things in the region?

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