Friday, May 20, 2005

Team America Conservatives

Team America
Today we got our DVD of the funniest movie of last year: "Team America World Police." It's not for everyone: full of foul language and "puppet sex," but the satirical skewering of the Hollywood moonbat brigade had us in stitches. Plus, one of the Team is a former Nebraska quarterback. Sure Parker and Stone take some shots at the right, although GWB escapes largely unscathed, but it's nothing like what they do for Michael Moore and dozens of other Hollywood celebrity fools too numerous to list.

We went with the R-rated DVD, which is the rating of the version that played in theaters. There's also an "uncut/unrated" version, essentially the original version that would have drawn an NC-17 rating. We can imagine what might have been trimmed to reach R. No need to go there.

UPDATE 5/21: Nehring at Nehring The Edge (what a great name for a blog) has a different take on the movie. He was put off so much by the vulgarity that the satire could not redeem the film. I agree it would have been a better movie with less vulgarity, but I still give it "Thumbs up." (Ebert hates it, by the way)

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