Thursday, July 21, 2005

Candy Cigarettes Redux

Candy Cigarettes 3
Candy Cigarettes 2
We couldn't go back to France without buying more candy cigarettes. These don't have the same great names as last year's, but it's hard to top "Kamakaze" and "Old Toad."

The "Coronation" and "Everest" packs are from the same company as last year's, and include that same nifty, but non-functional lighter.

However, the real gem is the other group. The names, "Pirat's Island" and "Aladin," are good, but you also get the extra, loose chocolate cigarettes in the picture and little pipe. But wait, there's more: the fake lighter comes apart and it's full of white powder.

The powder in the lighter is sugar, which is peculiar, but we suppose when you're teaching the kids to smoke with candy cigarettes, pumping them full of extra sugar is no big deal.

We just opened this up today. Fortunately the Customs agents didn't examine that lighter. We'd probably still be there.

Update 7/22: We opened the Aladin pack. The cigarettes are chocolate "tobacco" in a paper tube. They're non-filter cigarettes, too, so the kids can maximize their fake-smoking pleasure.


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