Monday, July 04, 2005

Omaha World Herald Upsets the Apple Cart

For those of you who might not have caught the Omaha World Herald story from yesterday on the ACLU Nebraska and John Doe v. the City of Plattsmouth case, our ever vigilant (or not) World Herald upset what you might say is a great, big ethics apple cart.

Long story short: the World Herald published a photo of "John Doe's" license plate, a photo of "John Doe" himself, and a description of his car.

This was all a bit... um, how should I say this... not very considerate?

The e-mail inboxes and phonelines at the World Herald have been quite busy, to be sure.

For one view, go ahead and read Kyle's take at the New Nebraska Network blog.

For yet another view, go and read my own tortured and windy post here at my blog.

I'm not one who thinks that the Omaha World Herald needs to be in the business of snapping photos of the license plates of private citizens. Conversely, I also don't think that it's possible for a newspaper to "pave the way to persecution" when it comes to a man who has devoted a fairly substantial amount of his energies to being outspoken and candid about his views on Christianity, and has never made any secret about it in the past.

What we have here is a real pickle, to be sure.

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