Monday, August 01, 2005

Bottom Falling Out Of Thong Market

This article may have set some kind of record for double entendres in a news story:
Sky News : Bottom Falling Out Of Thong Market: "A THONG OF THE PAST?
Cracks are appearing in the UK thong market with sales down nearly 20% in the past year.Ever since the buttock-baring item of women's underwear was worn by a catwalk model in 1997, G-strings have been all the rage.

Today sales of thongs remain firm among women aged 25 and under.But demand from older women has started to sag, new figures show.Between May 2004 and May this year G-string/thong sales dropped 17% nationally, according market researchers TNS Fashion Trak.Their figures show that more discreet, 'shorts-style' knickers are becoming more popular.But despite its recent dip in form, the thong, which remains a must-have 'chav' fashion accessory, is far from a thing of the past.

They still account for UKP 38m of the UKP 165m women's underwear industry.Rachel Argyle, from TNS, said: 'The bottom has not completely dropped out of the thong market, not yet.'There is still a future for the thong. There is just a wider range of more comfortable alternatives out there.'"
There is also a figure caption: "Sales slipping behind."

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