Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Lincoln blogger, Steve (aka swoof), at Half-Cocked links to these pictures at Daily Kos of "looters" in action. Except the young, white couple's "foraging" is described as "finding bread and soda at a grocery store," while the young, black man was "looting a grocery store." These two photos and captions are from different news organizations, so there are other differences besides race.

In a situation like this, where survival is at stake, we wouldn't call scavenging for food and water "looting," although "finding" is a bit of a verbal stretch. As for the "looting" of the drugstore and convenience store in the other pictures, we'll reserve judgment, since we don't know what the people were taking. However, a disaster is no excuse to help yourself to other people's property at will.

Ryne expresses similar sentiments about the TV news coverage of "looting." We see endless loops of the same scenes, like Groundhog Day in the Gulf.

Meanwhile, Seawitch, whose home is Biloxi, MS, made her way inland before the storm hit, but the last update on her blog was Sunday night. We hope that "20 miles north of Gulfport" was far enough.

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