Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Paraphrasing Jimmy

Some people/things become so absurd that it's almost impossible to satirize them. The reality is so whacky, you just can't top it. Howard Dean springs to mind, for example. Protein Wisdom takes on a very tough nut in ex-Pres. and Fiskie Award Winner, James Earl "Jimmy" Carter:
"Jimmy Carter: Guantanamo 'is a disgrace to the USA'": "As to whether or not Carter's comments provide rhetorical cover for the terrorists--of course not! Carter is simply voicing his dissent, and if a former US president can't openly criticize his government--publicly, overseas, during wartime, and on the basis of a narrative of events that an investigative panel has already concluded simply does not represent the facts on the ground--well, then the terrorists have already won. After all, aiding the enemy in their propaganda war IS the highest form of patriotism, [...]"

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