Thursday, October 27, 2005

Black Conservatives Must Be Destroyed

Liberals know that if they ever lose their monopoly-hold on Black voters, the Democrats are in big trouble. Consequently, there's nothing they hate more than a successful, articulate, Black conservative. To keep Blacks on the Liberal Plantation those who don't conform must be demonized. Today Michelle Malkin demonstrates that last week someone at USA Today decided to doctor a photo of Condi Rice to make her eyes look crazed.

Over at Plains Feeder, PTG has a nice blend of the two versions of the photo (before and after the eye treatment).

The Photoshop users commenting at Michelle's blog are adamant that this had to be deliberate, and that it's a highly amateurish job. Someone at USA Today should be fired over this if that paper has any integrity at all.

Update: The blogger who originally broke this story is BuckTownDusty at FromThePen. Credit where credit is due, and Michelle should be linking him, too. Also credit to La Shawn Barber for this piece of information.

Update2: Michelle's post does in fact have a link to FromThePen, so it's not necessarily her fault if proper credit got lost by others in the shuffle.

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