Saturday, October 22, 2005

Reality of Iraq

Last week the people of Iraq once again gave the world a lesson in democracy. This time the naysayers were more careful. They were caught flat-footed by the stunning success of the last election, watching in amazement and distress as the expected debacle turned to triumph for Iraq's democratic majority. A different approach this time avoided a similar embarassment: just assert beforehand that the election itself makes no difference. Still the outcome on the ground last week was no less stunning:
VDH's Private Papers::With a Whimper: "The Western media was relatively quiet about the quite amazing news from the recent trifecta in Iraq: very little violence on election day, Sunni participation, and approval of the constitution. Those who forecasted that either the Sunnis would boycott, or that the constitution would be -- and should be -- rejected, stayed mum.

But how odd that in the face of threats, a higher percentage of Iraqis in this nascent democracy voted in a referendum than did we Americans during our most recent presidential election -- we who have grown so weary of Iraq's experiment.

Something must be going on when the cable-news outlets could not whet their appetite for carnival-like violence and pyrotechnics in Iraq, and so diverted their attention to Toledo, where live streams of American looting and arson seemed to be more like Iraq than Iraq."
The rest of Hanson's article is well worth reading, particularly if you are tired of hearing the MSM Iraq=quagmaire line played over and over like a broken record. There is plenty of evidence that the jihadi position in Iraq is getting worse every day.

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