Friday, October 07, 2005

New Standard for Nobel Peace Prize

In a way you almost have to admire the Nobel Committee's efforts with the "Peace" Prize. Afterall, they've already awarded it to the likes of Yasser Arafat, Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan, UN "Peacekeepers" and the entire UN. At a certain point you begin to ask yourself, "How can they ever top this one?" Yet despite the odds, the Committee manages to set the bar lower and lower year after year:
ABC News: U.N. Nuke Watchdog Wins Nobel Peace Prize: "VIENNA, Austria -- Oct 7, 2005 Mohammed ElBaradei and his International Atomic Energy agency won the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize Friday, leaving the chief U.N. nuclear inspector strengthened in a job he nearly lost because of a dispute with the United States over Iran and Iraq.

ElBaradei suggested winning the world's most prestigious award vindicated his methods and goals using diplomacy rather than confrontation and defusing tensions in multilateral negotiations that strive for consensus."
If this keeps up, soon it will be easier for an ant to jump over the bar than to crawl under it. We can almost hear the Committee casting about for some way to offer Kofi and the Boys a little pick-me-up. They've been so down with this nasty Volcker witch hunt. No doubt they considered the Oil For Food program itself for the "Peace" Prize, but you have to keep something in reserve for the future.

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