Friday, October 14, 2005

Reproductive Freedom

Mo (aka Granny Tiger) has a very interesting take on the recent story of the couple that just had their 16th child. Actually, it's more of a take on the reaction of people, particulary liberal champions of "reproductive rights" to the story:
16 Kids: Now That's Reproductive Freedom: "One of the many euphemistic phrases they like to toss around when it comes to abortion is reproductive freedom (and its close cousin, reproductive rights). It should be a matter of personal Choice with a capital C, we're told. It's a privacy thing.

Okay. Then please explain to me why a couple's reproductive choice to have double-digit progeny is a) weird, b) gross, c) irresponsible, d) backward and e) outrageous? Not to mention f) anyone's business but theirs?"
There's a lot more, and it's well worth reading, so go and do that. We must confess that our own reaction to the original story was superficial and slightly negative. We have not bought into the "zero population growth" propaganda conciously, but apparently it still has its impact.

Thanks, Mo, for the eye-opener.

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