Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cindy Sheehan for President

Just in case you missed this the first time, the Village Voice offers up a "flashback." That must have been some trip they were on for these kinds of flashbacks.
Flashback: Cindy Sheehan for President: "Last month, DeBar, himself a former Green Party candidate, proposed a Draft Sheehan effort on a Green message board. Unlike some Greens who are pushing a Sheehan for President initiative, DeBar wants to see her move from her home state of California to run against Clinton in the New York primary next year. That way, he writes in his post, 'she could force a seismic shift in the direction of the Democratic Party.'

Activists see obvious potential in Sheehan. The movement's icon did, after all, rescue anti-war activists from hibernation, breathing new life into their cause from the moment she set up her bivouac at Camp Casey. At the Brooklyn Peace Fair, hordes of fans flocked to her as she descended the platform, lining up for pictures, praising her speech, offering to escort her if she ever comes back to town. After Sheehan signed the back of a postcard with 'Peace, Cindy,' an ebullient middle-aged woman produced it, repeatedly, for all to see.

Besides, she has proven to be astute politically, as evidenced by anyone who has seen her work a crowd. At a recent vigil of Grandmothers Against the War, she pressed the flesh with dozens of aging activists, shaking each hand, thanking each volunteer, just like any politician."
It's hard to imagine even the Democrats being that eager to fling themselves off a cliff, but I guess there are some that can't wait to take the plunge. We have to laugh at anyone characterizing Sheehan as "astute politically." Even Nancy Pelosi would be a much better candidate, and she would only be terrible.

Campaign slogan: "Cindy Sheehan--Shooting for Mondale's and McGovern's Records*"

*Mondale got 13 electoral votes on 40.56% of the popular vote. McGovern pulled down 17 electoral votes with just 37.54% of the popular vote.

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