Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Judicial Confirmation Glossary

In an effort to clarify the debate over the nomination of Sam Alito to the Supreme Court of the US, we provide this list of common terms you will encounter in the media, along with a defintion for each.

Conservative -- to the right of the New York Times
Arch-conservative -- to the right of the Washington Post
Right wing group -- conservative group
Non-partisan group -- liberal group
Liberal group -- moonbat central
Out of the mainstream -- in step with a majority of voters
Pandering to the right wing -- keeping an election promise, proving that elections matter
Missed opportunity -- failure to choose one of the candidates desired by your opponents
Judicial activism -- a conservative judge's willingness to strike down a legislative act that contradicts the constitution. (obsolete: a liberal judge's essential perogative to strike down a legislative act that contradicts what the constitution should say.)
Living document (as in "the constitution is a living document") -- license for liberal jurists to amend the constitution, as needed, to obtain the desired outcomes.
Originalism -- 1) a far right dogma, promoting the radical notion that the constitution means what it says; 2) an attempt to murder the living constitution.
Turn back the clock -- a judicial ban on Daylight Savings Time
Back alley abortions -- the inevitable outcome when any attempt is made to differentiate between a tumor and a fetus.
Roll back women's rights -- put abortion law back in the hands of law-making bodies in each state.
Roll back civil rights -- eliminate perpetual institutionalized discrimination on the basis of race
Destroy the separation of church and state -- replace "freedom from religion" with "freedom of religion"
stare decisis -- the principle that an act of the legislature and executive branches may be nullified, but a previous decision by judges can only be changed by a federal constitutional amendment.

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