Sunday, February 26, 2006

Blog Tweaks

We made some minor, overdue changes to the list of Nebraska blogs in the right sidebar.

Added Roger on the Right. This is Roger Snowden's second blog (the other is Non-Box Thinking), making him the second blogger to get double blogrolling at DLMSY. Trivia points will be awarded to the first commenter to come up with the other blogger who has been so honored. (Accidental, temporary duplication in the blogroll doesn't count here.)

Apparently, someone once complained that he couldn't tell when Roger was kidding in his posts on Non-Box Thinking. The idea is that all satirical posts will be made now on RotR ("Ah! But whose tongue and which cheek?") rather than NBT. At any rate we can now find Roger's posts in two places rather than one. Now if we could just get him to write twice as much...

Added The Plain Patriot. This is a new blog from Mark, former Air Force, now Lincolnite.

Added Arts Preserve. This is another new blog, apparently in Lincoln, with a focus on arts (Duh!). There's a lot we don't quite get about Arts Preserve, for example: how many people are actually involved. Perhaps it's one person with multiple personalities. (Just kidding, AP.) Still there's quite a bit of interesting and fun stuff on the site.

Removed Redd Omaha. The link has been broken for awhile now, but if it reappears we'll put the link back up.

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