Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Holocaust Cartoons

Those wacky, laugh-a-minute Iranian mullahs! What a great idea to hold a Holocaust cartoon contest:
Iran's largest newspaper on 7 February upped the ante by announcing a competition for what it called "Holocaust cartoons." The daily "Hamshahri," which is run by Tehran's municipal government, said it wanted to see whether freedom of expression extended to mocking the Holocaust, in which 6 million Jews lost their lives during World War II. The newspaper invited foreign cartoonists to enter the contest.
It is revealing, too, that the response to a European "insult" to Islam is to be a round of Jew-bashing. How did Isreal get blamed for this, even in Tehran? Oh, yeah, everything that happens in the world is part of a Zionist conspiracy. Right.

It should be interesting to see the outcome of this contest. It's bound to reveal lots more about the Iranian regime than about Europe or Israel.

To my recollection the only thing at all funny ever made about Nazi Germany was The Producers, and that movie ignored the Holocaust completely. There's just nothing funny there unless you're the kind of person who takes delight in the slaughter of millions. They're about to shoot off their own foot at the knee.

Who knows? Maybe the UN will even do something about the Iranian nuclear weapons program if the mullahs keep making their true nature this obvious.

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