Thursday, January 26, 2006

Roger "Jonathan Swift" Snowden

Our friend Roger Snowden from Non-Box Thinking has a new blog. Apparently one isn't enough to keep him busy. With the news of the conservative resurgence in the Canadian elections, Roger plants his tongue firmly in his cheek and gazes northward. Here's a small sample:
One thing we Americans do think about is our own security. Clearly, with Canada's open-door policy for terrorist immigration, our northern border is anything but "secure". I propose not that we close that border, but eliminate it altogether.

We annex Canada, immediately. Think of all the problems this would solve.

Canada, while still not a real country, would become a territory of the greatest country of all time. Being the property of a great and powerful nation like America is reason for genuine pride. I'm sure lots of Canadians have been secretly hoping for annexation for a long time. Some of them have even acquired American accents. Well, sort of.
It's quite hilarious, so check it out.

We've had a very warm spot in our heart for Canada for many years and still remember very fondly the help they gave to Americans trapped in Iran as the Carter Administration bumbled and bungled its way through the fall of the Shah and the hostage crisis.

Consequently, we'll try to say something nice about outgoing Prime Minister, Paul Martin. He was significantly better than his predecessor, Jean Chretien. (OK, faint praise.) Congratulations to Steven Harper, the new Prime Minister.

Definitely no trend in the election results in: Australia; Great Britain; Germany; and Canada. Move along. No trend to see here.

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