Sunday, April 23, 2006

AP Discovers Blogs in Iraq

The AP's Mariam Fam has made a startling discovery: There are actual blogs by Iraqis. She writes:
Zeyad is a 27-year-old dentist. He works for a government clinic with broken dental chairs and no anesthetics. At home, when gunfire rattles his neighborhood, Zeyad's family cowers in one room murmuring prayers while he types away on his computer.

Zeyad is a blogger.

Blogging was rare in former president Saddam Hussein's Iraq, the now-famous "Salman Pax" an important exception. Today, however, blogging is providing many ordinary Iraqis with a voice -- a chance to vent and reflect on the changes reshaping their country.
Well, better late than never, we suppose. It's not a bad article, reasonably balanced. It is mostly about Zeyad's blog, Healing Iraq, but it also mentions a few others: Hammorabi; Bagdad Burning; and Mesopotamian. This just scratches the surface, of course, and leaves out the original, Iraq the Model. The ITM blogroll alone has 34 links under Iraqi blogs, and that's just the English ones.

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