Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Spam, Wonderful Spam

Collectively from my various email accounts, work, gmail/blog, and personal, I get dozens of spam messages every day, and those are just the ones that make it through the filters. I'm sure you all have similar experiences.

Lately the spammers have been incorporating lots of unusual subject lines, in a desperate attempt to attract attention of any sort. Usually they're nothing special, but this one from "Meuris Borfate" really tickled me:
"Rosie-Trump Feud Moves Doomsday Clock Closer to Midnight."
I've gotta say, I just love that one, and the name is a wonderful bonus. Way to go, "Meuris," wherever you are.

Not that I read the note, mind you.

It would just be too anticlimactic after that delightful opening to see another pitch for instant degrees from "prestigous, non-accredited universities" or a plea for help from a desperate Nigerian with lots of money. I did keep the note on the Barracuda for now, though, so who knows, maybe I'll weaken. I have been looking for some good investment advice from anonymous strangers...

Update: Our friend, PTG, points out there is an actual article on Yahoo News with that title. It's hilarious, too: Rosie-Trump. So we withdraw our kudos to "Meuris" and extend them to Andy Borowitz.

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