Thursday, November 06, 2008

Interesting Site Traffic

On a normal day DLMSY gets 50-75 visitors, but since TheOne's Ascension things have really been hopping. On Election Day, it spiked to 165. Yesterday, day 1 of the Age of Obama, there were 442, and today with 2 hrs to go we're already over 300. What's happening here?

The vast majority of the visitors are arriving from search sites and landing at our Obama Jokes page. Obviously, the nation's comedians are in a panic, fearing for their jobs. They have just realized that in a few short weeks George W. Bush and Dick Cheney jokes will be as worthless as our retirement accounts. Sure Joe Biden provides many, rich opportunities, but we've already seen how quickly that source can dry up when Team Obama puts Joe under wraps.

With the shortage of Obama jokes and the soaring demand, sellers of these jokes are raising prices, leading to an investigation by the Illinois Attorney General.
There is another, more sinister possible explanation for the sudden surge in search activity. Most keywords for DLMSY hits were variations on the theme of "racist Obama jokes." Perhaps an army of Obama supporters is compiling a master list of enemies...

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