Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Looking around our Network Neighborhood, we are pleased to have found a few fellow sailors on internet prairie schooners, i.e. other bloggers here on sands of the Great American Desert.

We have previously mentioned Plains Feeder, where PTG covers the Omaha metro area like a blanket. For example, he has written an excellent series of posts about Omaha's plans to annex the town of Elkhorn and Elkhorn's plans to block that. For your reference Omaha is about a day's ride from here in the buckboard, if the creek doesn't rise. It is through PTG that we became aware of the other Nebraska bloggers.

The dean of Nebraska bloggers, Ryne McClaren, generously mentioned us today. He is the first to refer to us as "DLMSY" to our knowledge. His current blog (on TypePad) has been going since June, 2004, and his Blogger site (now inactive) goes back to June, 2002. He writes a lot, (and well) covering sports as well as politics and society. Like your humble hosts here, he's a small-L-libertarian.

North Platte journalist, Frank Graham, has a blog he calls Frankly Speaking. He writes mostly about local issues and the media. PTG has pointers to some fine work by Frank covering a recent court decision on a North Platte development project.

UPDATE: Lots more Omaha blogs can be found via this link.
UPDATE2: A similar site for Nebraska blogs is here.

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