Sunday, March 20, 2005

Terri Schiavo

Over at Plains Feeder ptg writes about the case with concern about the rights of the family and whether government intervention is ultimately the right thing. I also have some mixed feelings about the whole situation. The Peggy Noonan article I linked to previously makes a strong case for blocking the removal of the feeding tube. Today Catherine Johnson, guest blogging at Roger L. Simon's blog also speaks eloquently from the same side.

Personally, I know that I wouldn't want to live, if the part of me that makes it me is gone forever. I know I can trust my wife and sons to make the right decision, if it comes down to that. That decision for me would be to hold on as long as there is hope, but when that is gone to let go.

In this case, though, the husband is for killing her off and the rest of the family objects. There is no written record of Terri's wishes. This is profoundly troubling. If Michael Schiavo isn't able to convince the rest of her family that this is what she would have wanted, he should walk away. Divorce her if necessary, but, as Noonan said, his relentless quest to kill her is "creepy."

So I do come down on the side of allowing the family to go to court, even federal court, to contest the decision to kill her.

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