Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Terror Attacks

There is still some question as to who caused the London subway bombings earlier this morning, but there is also no doubt that the syncronized explosions were the fault of some terrorist group. With both the G8 Summit in Scotland and the beginning of the Abu Hamzi trial today, both anti-trade nutbags and your usual Islamist sort could be responsible.

One group has claimed responsibility- "The Secret Organization of Al-Qaeda in Europe"- but it is still unclear as to whether this is true. Sometimes there is a disconnect between those that claimed to have caused attacks and those that have actually perpetrated the attacks, for tactical reasons for both groups.

Don't be so quick to beleive these attacks will have any affect on the European populace at large. Remember, these attacks still pale in comparison to the Madrid 9/11 attacks, which had the affect of scaring the Spanish populace into the submission of election a Socialist government and effectively out of Iraq and the terror war in any meaningful way. The Brits are made of stronger stuff perhaps, but I'm sure the leftist contingent in Britain will use this as an opportunity to decry Iraq.

Actually, although I'm sure he's enjoying his vacation, this would be a good time for Abe to chime in. How's the feeling in France right now? I'm guessing subdued- in a, let's kind of ignore it way, not a sad and sympathetic kind of way.

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