Wednesday, August 03, 2005

JFK the Neocon

Pedro at The Quietist picks up on an article in the LATimes by David Gelernter that describes JFK as "the first neoconservative president." It's a very interesting view, which Pedro elaborates nicely:
"Thus, Gelernter sneakily points out what is embarrassingly obvious but universally, you know, sort of ignored -- that is, JFK, with his tax cuts, his Peace Corps, his anticommunism, and his belief in the humanitarian uses of American power (as well as the post-WWII moral responsibility of a great power to not turn a blind eye to oppression and atrocity in the world) would today be scorned as a 'neocon.' [...]" [emphasis in original]
We were never a great fan of JFK, but we may be forced to reconsider that view.

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