Thursday, August 04, 2005

Rather Good News

Who better to handle damage control at Err America than Dangerous Dan Rather after the exemplary job he did with the Fake But Accurate TANG memos? Just what the doctor ordered. Is it real or is it ScrappleFace:
"Air America Hires Dan Rather as Scandal Spokesman
by Scott Ott

(2005-08-03) -- Air America, the unabashedly liberal radio network plagued by allegations of high-level fraud and embezzlement of money meant to benefit children and Alzheimer's patients, today hired former CBS news anchor Dan Rather as the public relations 'point man' to serve as a spokesman for the network.

Al Franken, the former comedian who has become the voice of Air America, said the veteran CBS newsman brings 'the appearance of credibility to an organization still struggling to establish its own facade of integrity with the American public.'"
As Ott notes, it's not like the Alzheimer's patients are going to miss that money anyway, so what's the big deal.

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