Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Should Conservatives Give The New York Times a Break?

Here's a startling bit of news about the New York Times from Mark Tapscott at Townhall.com:
"Thanks to a virtual blackout by his fellow editors elsewhere in the media, odds are good that you haven't heard or read that Executive Editor Bill Keller of The New York Times recently capitulated in the debate over bias in America's newspaper of record. Keller's capitulation came in a lengthy memo he distributed in the Times' newsroom in May as a response to an updating of a massive report by a committee appointed in the wake of the Jayson Blair scandal to recommend measures to restore the gray lady's credibility."
I must admit I had heard nothing at all about this before. There are some startling things in that memo--not a surprise to learn, but stunning to see there.

Tapscott asks, "Should Conservatives Give The New York Times a Break?" Read the whole article to let him make the case for his answer.

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