Sunday, November 06, 2005

French Riots II

Not surprisingly Jihad Watch has many postings on the still ongoing riots in France. These are mostly excerpts there of news reports with some comments, but well worth reading:

Disabled woman on bus set on fire by rioters
French government wonders why opposing the US didn't buy peace and dreams of a multicultural paradise (that never existed).
Chirac continues to choose appeasement as violence spreads.
Of course this all has nothing to do with the Religion of Peace. No jihad here, move along.
One night total 1300 torched cars and 300 arrests.
Molotov Cocktail factory found in Evry. I've been to Evry.
More shooting at the police.
More empty words from Chirac.

Apparently Sarkozy's hardline has been overruled in favor of continued half-measures, soothing talk ("la langue du bois" = meaningless, political cliches), "dialog," and "stern" warnings that the rule of law will be maintained, even as the rule of law is trampled every night.

This is a clear sign of weakness by the Chirac government, and it is being seen as such by the rioters. Sarkozy was right, but Chirac and de Villepin have made things much worse with their half-steps and interest group politics in response to the initial riots. Promising an "action plan" by the end of the month. PUH--leeeze.

The riots need to be stopped, now. That means a curfew, massive troops, and possibly martial law in the affected towns.

I have seen a few platitudes from the Socialist opposition, but no quotations from the far-right National Front (FN). The FN is probably in the best position to profit from the demonstrated ineptness of Chirac and de Villepin, particularly if Sarkozy is neutered by his "friends" in the process. In the last elections the FN shocked everyone by coming in second in the "first turn" (le premier tour). The Socialists even endorsed Chirac in the second round, as the perceived lesser of evils vs. the FN.

Funny how nightly riots throughout France by disaffected Muslims are a smaller story than South American demonstrators toting pictures of Che and bashing Bush.

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