Monday, December 05, 2005

You Might Be a Moonbat, If...

You might be a moonbat, if...
  • You think Murtha is a "hawk" and Kerry is a "war hero."
  • You think Hillary is a "moderate," and it really makes you mad.
  • You regularly use the phrase "Speaking Truth to Power."
  • You think there are not enough American troops in Iraq to do the job and also too many.
  • You think Global Warming is the greatest danger facing us today.
  • You were opposed to the early transfer of sovereignty to the Iraqis, the elections that were held too soon, the constitution that was drafted too quickly, the elections this month that are premature, and you believe we need to turn things completely over to the Iraqis more quickly. Bonus points if you still think the transfer process has been moving too fast.
  • You believe that Iraq has nothing to do with al-Qaeda, which has nothing to do with al-Qaeda in Iraq, which has nothing to do with Iraq.
  • You're disappointed that all you got was a lousy scooter for Fitzmas.
  • You think the MSM are completely biased in favor of Chimpy McBushitler.
  • You actually considered moving to another country when Kerry lost, but you don't believe he really lost.
  • You think "exit polls" are more accurate than real poll results.
  • You think Hugo Chavez just might make this Communism thing work after all.
  • You think Howard Dean is doing a superb job as chairman of the Democratic Party, and you're not a Republican.
  • You think that punitive taxes on oil companies will result in more oil and lower gas prices.

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