Thursday, January 12, 2006

New Intel-based Macs

The MacWorld conference introduced the long-anticipated Intel-Macs in the form of a new PowerBook (i.e. laptop) and a new iMac. At WindowsIT Pro Paul Thurrott confirms the previous speculation: these Macs will also be able to run Windows.
At the Macworld Expo this week in San Francisco, Apple executives confirmed that Windows Vista will run on the new Intel-based iMac desktop and MacBook Pro computers that the company is rolling out this year. However, Apple won't promote or support Windows on the new Macs, and users who want to dual-boot between Mac OS X and Windows on those machines still face some technical hurdles.
The "hurdles" aren't expected to be that high for Vista. While dual booting is somewhat inconvenient (I rarely reboot my PowerBook), this does open some exciting possibilities for those who can't completely avoid Windows. It could also tip the scales for a Windows user who might have been afraid to take the plunge before, knowing there's a "safety net."

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