Saturday, February 17, 2007

Wash Their Brains Early and Often

For those who just can't wait 5 years for the public schools to indoctrinate their children has just the book you need. As these sample pages show, you can teach your children how the government taking things from one person to give to someone else is just like sharing your toys. They'll also see how a Socialist Democrat Mom protects them from evil elephants, and makes sure that college is "affordable."

Ironically, as the Democrat Mom is warily eyeing the passing elephant, she's apparently ignoring a shady character who looks like a potential child molester. The elephant, meanwhile, seems to be on his way to deal with the bad guy.

It's also pretty clear that massive federal subsidies to something helps keep the costs rising. How effective have years of efforts to subsidize housing, education, and medical care actually been at keeping those prices down? In fact the "free money" from Uncle Sugar not only reduces the incentives of sellers/providers to keep costs down, it also leaves everyone with less money after taxes to pay for what they decide they want.

Clearly, if you want your child to grow up as a reliable Democrat, you can't take any chances on other ideas taking root in his/her skull.

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